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About Us

Welcome to Open Marketplace, this is a market where you can swap your unsused goods and services


At Swapmarket, we operate based on old principle of trading, we do not use money but trade by barter. We provide a medium for you to trade not only your unused items but skill as well. From mobile phones, laptops, electronics, old movies,old textbooks, old story books, game consoles and even food, yes we mean it. You can also exchange skills with someone in your neighbourhood. How does this work? You know how to play piano but you love to learn how to play guitar? simply post your skill and indicate the skill you want to in return. Your swap get bids from which you can select your most prefered options.


Registering an Account
To join other swappers and bidders in the marketplace, you need to create an account. To ensure the safety and integrity of the marketplace for every users, we requested for some information including email, phone number and social media account and location. You need to confirm your account by proving you owned the email account you used for registeration. This allows you to login into the marketplace but before you start trading, we need to confirm your social media link. Take note that all these measures are to make the marketplace safe for you and others. All data that you submitted are safe and will not be shared with anyone without prior notification. You can register Here

Uploading Swap
Members are allowed to upload items for swap. We however discourage overloading the marketplace with the same item by an individual. To ensure your item is easily visible to others maintain a maximum of five items at any particular point of time. To upload an item for swap, you need to provide an honest description and current condition of the item (we take this with all seriousness), exactly four pictures of the item and your price evaluation. You can upload swap Here

Bidding for Swap
Each swap can only receive five bids. Should you see a bid that caught your fancy, bid for it straight away before it is taken. We can however lend helping hands to swappers who want extra slot bids. Nevertheless swaps that made it to our editor's choice list, automatically get extra bid slot. Please note that when you bid, your information such as phone number, email and facebook id are shared with the owner of the swap once they decided you are the one they are doing business with. You also receive theirs immediately they click "sell button". Bidding is displayed on first come, first serve(FIFO) basis


When meeting someone for the first time, never meet them in a secluded area. A fast food center, a public building etc are options.And never meet them late in the day

Check all items thoroughly and be sure they are what the seller claimed they are. Collection of receipt or a sworn affidavit is a must. A police report in case none of these is available

Never pay for anything in advance, not even for shipping fee or whatever fee. And if anything appears too good to be true, remember it might just be, always report any item too good to be true, we will investigate for you.

Open Market
Barter, buy, sell...

Ope Open Market place is an avenue for sellers and buyers to interract directly. Payment Options available are either through barter or outright payment or inclusion of both.

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